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Max Payne 3

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Max Payne 3 is a third-person shooter video game developed by Rockstar Studios and published by Rockstar Games. It was released on May 15, 2012 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360; a Microsoft Windows port was released on May 29, 2012, followed by an OS X port on June 20, 2013.

The game is the first entry in the Max Payne series since 2003's Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne, developed by Remedy Entertainment.

The game is played from a third-person perspective. Throughout the single-player mode, players control Max Payne, a former detective who has become a vigilante after the murder of his wife and daughter. Nine years after the events of the second game, Max becomes employed as a private security contractor in Brazil, but quickly becomes entangled in a quest filled with death and betrayal. An online multiplayer mode is included with the game, allowing up to 16 players to engage in both cooperative and competitive gameplay in re-creations of multiple single-player settings.

As part of their research for the game's setting, the developers conducted field research around São Paulo throughout development and captured footage for the design team. Development duties were shared between many of Rockstar's studios worldwide. At release, Max Payne 3 received highly positive reactions from critics, with praise particularly directed at its narrative, atmosphere, attention to detail and action, though some criticism was aimed at the change in style from its predecessors, as well as its linear design and depiction of São Paulo. Max Payne 3 achieved high sales, shipping approximately three million units in the first week of release. It was nominated for multiple year-end accolades from several gaming publications, winning a variety of them.


The player character positioned in cover behind a pillar, inside a building, while enemies hunt him down.
Players may take cover behind objects during firefights, using it as a tactical advantage and to avoid taking damage from enemies. This feature was not present in earlier games in the series.

Max Payne 3 is a third-person shooter in which the player assumes the role of its titular character, Max Payne. A new feature to the series, introduced in Max Payne 3, is the cover system, which allows players to gain a tactical advantage, and avoid taking damage from enemies. To progress through the linear story, players take on enemies throughout levels. The game features interactive cut scenes which transition seamlessly into continuing gameplay; there are no loading screens across gameplay and cut scenes.

In combat, auto-aim and a cover system can be used as assistance against enemies. Should players take damage, painkillers can be used to regenerate health. Players use melee attacks, firearms and explosives to fight enemies. In action sequences, bullet time can be used; using this feature, it is possible to see every bullet strike an enemy in detail. The game also utilizes a "Last Stand" mechanic, granting players a grace period when health is fully depleted, allowing them to kill the enemy that last wounded them. After using the shoot-dodge mechanic, which enables players to dodge enemies by diving, players may shoot at any angle while remaining grounded.



The online multiplayer mode features maps and modes that dynamically change within a match. Up to 16 players engage in cooperative or competitive gameplay in re-creations of multiple single-player settings. Players may band together in organized player teams called crews to complete tasks together. Players can create their own crews, via the Rockstar Games Social Club, and join up to five total. Crews win multiplayer matches to earn experience points and climb online leaderboards.



According to Rockstar's president Sam Houser, it was their intention to start a new chapter of Max Payne's life with the game: "This is Max as we've never seen him before, a few years older, more world-weary and cynical than ever." The press release states that since the last game, Max has left New York City behind and "drifted from bad to worse." The press release goes on to say Max has been double-crossed in this new city and is searching for both the truth and a way out. The game is set in São Paulo, Brazil, several years after the events of ending of the second game. Max Payne now works in executive protection for the wealthy Rodrigo Branco and his family in the hopes of escaping the memories of his troubled past. When a street gang kidnaps Rodrigo's wife, Fabiana, Max is pulled into a conspiracy of shadowy, warring factions threading every aspect of São Paulo society in a deadly web that threatens to engulf everyone and everything around him.


Nine years after the events of the second gameMax Payne (James McCaffrey) has retired from the NYPD and spends his days at a bar in Hoboken, New Jersey, nursing his alcoholism and an addiction to painkillers. One evening, a man named Raul Passos (Julian Dean) approaches Max and offers him a new job, which Max turns down. But, during a drunk and violent argument, Max shoots the son of local mob boss Anthony DeMarco (Ray Iannicelli), who puts a price on his head and orders the entirety of New Jersey's crime underlings to kill Max. After killing most of his gang with Passos' help, Max decides to leave his old life behind, taking Passos' job offer as a private security contractor in South America.

Max and Passos work for the wealthy Branco family in São Paulo, consisting of three brothers: Rodrigo (Frank Rodriguez), a real-estate mogul; Victor (Robert Montano), a local politician who aspires to be the city's next mayor; and Marcelo (Dillon Porter), a hard-partying socialite. At a private party, Max saves Rodrigo and his trophy wife Fabiana (Benedita Pereira) from an attempted kidnapping by members of the Comando Sombra, a favela street gang. A few nights later, as Max escorts Fabiana and her friends to a nightclub, the gang attacks again, successfully kidnapping Fabiana and demanding a ransom of $3 million. Max and Passos deliver the ransom to a local football stadium to make the exchange, but the deal is disrupted by the Crachá Preto, an outlaw, right-wing paramilitary unit, who kill the Comando Sombra and steal the money. After escaping the stadium, Max and Passos raid a Comando Sombra base along the Tiete river to rescue Fabiana, but are unable to prevent the gang's leader, Serrano, from escaping with her. After they report their failure to the Brancos, Victor suggests they rely on Armando Becker (Ubirajara de Castro) and his special police unit Unidade de Forças Especiais (UFE) to oversee Fabiana's safe return. Victor, Passos, Marcelo and Becker leave via helicopter, moments before the Crachá Preto abruptly raid the Branco offices.

Max fights off the Crachá Preto and returns to Rodrigo's secured office to find him assassinated. Upon interrogating a wounded Crachá Preto soldier, Max learns that Fabiana is being held by Serrano in the Nova Esperança favela and that the Crachá Preto raid was meant for Max, as vengeance for the deaths of their operatives at the stadium. Blaming himself for what has transpired, Max swears off alcohol, shaves his head, and informs Victor and Marcelo that he is going undercover into Nova Esperança to save Fabiana. He gets lost in the sprawling favela, but is assisted by Detective Wilson Da Silva (Stephen Girasuolo), who reveals that the Crachá Preto have engaged in illicit deals with the Brancos, and suspects that Victor and UFE might also be involved. Max eventually finds Fabiana, only for her to be executed by Serrano. Marcelo and Fabiana's sister Giovanna (Shirley Rumierk), who showed up with cash attempting to ransom Fabiana's freedom, are kidnapped as the UFE raid the favela. Max follows the raid and witnesses UFE collaborate with the Crachá Preto, selling them the people they arrested during the assault. Max then witnesses the Crachá Preto necklace Marcelo, and escapes with Giovanna. Fleeing from the militia, Giovanna is rescued by Passos, but Max is abandoned, later saved by Da Silva.

Da Silva reveals that Passos worked for Victor until he hired Max. Max remembers that when he and Passos worked as security for Marcelo's yacht party, which was attacked by military brigands in the Panama Canal, he escaped the yacht to find Marcelo and Passos trying to drive away with unknown cargo. Max realizes that he was recruited by Passos to be the fall guy for whatever illicit activity the Brancos were involved in. Da Silva deduces that Max was set up by Passos and Victor, so the latter would gain access to his brother's wealth and garner sympathy for the upcoming mayoral elections. He then informs Max about a rundown hotel where the Crachá Preto and UFE are seen delivering prisoners. After Max discovers it is the base for a black market organ theft ring and corrupt UFE officers are being paid to deliver the detainees for organ harvesting, he frees the remaining detainees, including Serrano, who subsequently kills the corrupt surgeon performing the organ removals.

Max sets explosives to destroy the entire complex, but is held at gunpoint by Crachá Preto's leader, Alvaro Neves. Passos reappears, kills Neves and flies Max out as the building implodes. Afterwards, Passos explains that Marcelo and Victor forced him to cooperate in getting Rodrigo to finance Victor. Passos apologizes to Max, who forgives him, before he flees the city with Giovanna, who is pregnant with his child. Da Silva suggests that Max stage his surrender to the police in order to find incriminating evidence linking the UFE and Victor to the crimes of the Crachá Preto and the Comando Sombra. After doing so, Max escapes into UFE headquarters as planned, finding evidence that a UFE lieutenant named Bachmayer killed Rodrigo. After Max kills Bachmayer, he confronts Becker, but is held at gunpoint by Victor, who explains that he ordered the Crachá Preto to ambush the stadium exchange; the organ harvesting ring was funded by the stolen ransom money.

Victor and Becker escape to the airport with Max in pursuit. After an intense shootout with the UFE, Max catches up with them as they are preparing to board a jet. Becker (toting a grenade launcher) and his men try to stop Max and allow Victor time to escape, but Max shoots and detonates one of Becker's grenades in mid-air, giving the player the option to either kill Becker, or allow him to die from his wounds. With Da Silva driving in pursuit, Max disables Victor's plane, and approaches an injured Victor with the intent to kill him, but he relents after Da Silva persuades him to spare Victor so that he will answer for the crimes he committed. Victor taunts Max that he will be set free, and Max responds by breaking his leg.

A week later in Bahia, Max hears news that the rest of Becker's UFE battalion has been disbanded due to their ties to the illegal organ harvesting ring, while Victor is found dead, hanged in his prison cell. Finally having attained some solace, Max walks along the seashore as the sun sets.


"We've been blessed with being able to actually see the game and give some feedback. We've been meeting with Rockstar and looking at Max [Payne] 3 – it looks absolutely phenomenal – the nice thing is we've been giving our feeling on the game but at the end of the day we don't have to do any of the heavy lifting, which is nice. Rockstar don't make bad games, so you already know it's going to be good. Just like we hope the Remedy brand is a seal of quality, you know that Rockstar's brand is a seal of quality. It's been nice to be part of the process, but we don't want to take any of the limelight. From what we've seen it's going to be absolutely fantastic."

—Oskari Häkkinen, Remedy Entertainment franchise development head.

The game was originally scheduled for release in late 2009. However, it was pushed back to 2010 alongside several other Take-Two Interactive franchises in order to "benefit from having more development time". In June 2010, the game was again pushed back to 2011. On December 21, it was not present on the 2011-2012 calendar year, and was pushed back again. The game was still in development and not canceled or indefinitely halted when Rockstar released two new screenshots for the game.[14] On September 8, 2011 Rockstar announced a March 2012 release date for the game, with a debut trailer released on September 14. In January 2012, Take-Two delayed the game by two months from its original March release date to May 2012. The publisher said the decision's been made to "ensure that Max Payne 3 delivers the highest quality."

The debut trailer was released on September 14, 2011. The writer for the series, Sam Lake, commented that the game would "maintain its dark and gritty origins" and that fans of the series would be "in for a surprise". Remedy Entertainment head of franchise development, Oskari Häkkinen, praised Rockstar Games' take on the series, stating that it looked "brilliant". Remedy served as consultants for Rockstar when the game reached its final stage of development.

Rockstar Games conducted research to ensure that the vibe, culture, police, weapons and every element of São Paulo is as authentic as possible. The research team visited São Paulo several times and went to lengths researching the local gangs, police and special forces, including each group's choice of equipment and firearms. The fictional UFE resembles Brazilian special police units such as BOPE; the company suggests that fans of the game watch the 2007 Brazilian film Elite Squad (Brazilian PortugueseTropa de Elite), especially the "intense sequences of BOPE soldiers carefully raiding favela warzones and caught in deadly shootouts versus heavily-armed drug dealers and lookouts who wield assault rifles and Uzis as part of daily life."Some retailers bundle the game with the film and its sequel.

In a November 2011 interview, Dan Houser of Rockstar Games said that despite what the general public might think, Rockstar likes to "spend a bit of time" at the end of projects before deciding what to do next. "Basically we have been meaning to start [Max Payne 3] for a while, but we have limited bandwidth and limited studios, and more games to make than we've started. So suddenly it was a good slot," Houser said, explaining why it took eight years to follow up Max Payne 2. "Also, contrary to a lot of people, we like to take a little bit of time at the end of a game before starting a sequel, so we can wait for the excitement or disappointment and everything else of the experience to shake down and really see what we should do in the next game."

The game runs on the proprietary Rockstar Advanced Game Engine (RAGE), along with Euphoria software. In February 2012, it was confirmed that the PC version of the game features DirectX 11 and stereoscopic 3D rendering. The PC version of Max Payne 3is shipped on four DVDs and the Xbox 360 version on two discs due to the disc size limit; however, the PlayStation 3 version ships on one Blu-ray Disc.


Referances: Max Payne - 3

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